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Now to go and take on one of this game's masters of cheapness, Air Man. His stage is pretty innocent, and after running through the stage so many times trying to avoid Air Man using one of his impossible to dodge attack patterns on me, I decided to go ahead and try some of the speed-runner type stuffs with the platforms in this stage. I normally do not try such things as the more common result is death. This stage has a couple things to throw at you, though... platforms you have to be patient on (or risk some silly jumps), and pippies. Those horrible horrible birds that have disturbed many a player of Mega Man games.

Air Man himself is not really all that hard once you know you can sneak in shots at him between his attack patterns. Several of them leave a large enough gap for a buster shot to sneak a hit in on his face. The real problem with Air Man when going for a No Damage run, though, is that he has a few attack patterns that simply cannot be dodged (I experimented a bit with save states), so that is pretty stupid. If they CAN be dodged, it must be absolute pixel-perfect motions, though. Air Man goes down pretty fast, though, so it really becomes a race between whether or not you can get enough shots in before he fires an impossible pattern at you. Really, Air Man is easily defeated if you know what you are doing, otherwise he can be a little over-whelming.


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  • Air Man

    Air Man (エアーマン Eāman, Trad. Hombre Aire) es un Robot Master diseñado/creado por el Dr. Wily con...

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